Hello, my name is Nicole. I am a romantic, lover of all things fantasy and science fiction, Child of God, Book Reviewer, Bookstagrammer, Crazy Cat Lady, Quaker Parrot lover, Christian, and Country Music obsessed, bookmark hoarder, and lover of singing along badly to songs. I love meeting new people and chatting books with anyone who will listen.

I run this blog The Reading Rebel where I review books, talk about books, and sometimes ramble on about how if everyone was a reader the world would be a better place.

I also have a Bookstagram account under the username thereadingrebel.

My favorite book genres:

Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction

Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction( But I am super picky and choosey and usually read books by authors I have already read in another genre or classic or popular series)

Romance(I am a rebel and do read romances that are not for everyone)

Jane Austen(Anything and Everything from essays to fan fiction)


but I do read other genres to mix it up a bit or if an author I really love writing books in a different genre then I usually read.


5 stars~It was Amazing

4 stars~Loved it

3 stars~Liked it

2 stars~It was okay

1 star~Hated it or Did not finish it(I read 100 or more pages before I usually DNF a book)

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