This Rebel Reviews: Revenant by Mere Joyce

Camp Wanagi is a camp for teens who can see ghosts and/or interact with ghosts. All the campers have unique powers and none are the same. This is Cal’s second year at Camp Wanagi and he has keep in contact with all his friends especially Meander. Let Camp Wanagi Year Two begin.

I love Shade book 1 in the series so it wasn’t a surprise that I loved book 2 just as much. This year’s camp was a little different because it is their second year. But all the bonding, friendship, drama, and ghosts are back. I love the main character Cal and his love interest Meander so much. This book like the first one is all in Cal’s POV and I love watching him slowing fall for Meander and unsureness of first like/love. Dylan, Mim and Kornelia are all back and this was the one part of the book I didn’t like. Their love triangle which was started in book 1 continues into book 2.

All the campers are from all around the world and all different backgrounds. It is so wonderful to see this in a book. I love that this book had disability representation. I don’t want to spoil anything so I will leave you with three more things: The Ghost Hunts. That Ending. That Hug. Seriously read this series. It is amazing.

Rating: 5 stars


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