This Rebel Reviews: The Darkly Luminous Fight For Persephone Parker by Leanna Renee Hieber

Genre: Adult Gaslight Fantasy, Gothic Romance



Percy and Alexi are engaged and the guard has welcomed her with open arms. I was so happy everything was made right. I love Percy and Alexi’s wedding scene. It was so beautiful. I loved seeing Percy and Alexi on their honeymoon. I loved see their contentment and joy in each other’s company. They have both lived lonely lives and am so happy they finally found each other. I loved that the Guard got a break and love what they all did with it especially Jane(love this girl so much, I loved seeing more of her in this book and finding out the mystery of her names). Percy really finds her voice in this book and love that she is coming out of her shell. Alexi and Percy have some stumbles in this book as every couple does. Alexi struggles with his emotions a lot in this book. He has never been in love before and learning to stop trying to control everything and learning how to handle over protectiveness and fear was difficult. The scene between Micheal(my favorite character of the Guard, he is the sweetest and the heart of the group)and Alexi about controlling his emotions and treating Percy as an equal not someone that needs saving and hidden away from danger was a favorite of mine. That final battle. So many emotions. One scene in this book make me very uncomfortable and I didn’t think it was needed because it was really creepy. You will know the scene when you read it. This was my least favorite book of Leanna’s and if you are new to her writing don’t start with this series. I recommend you start with the A Magic Most Foul trilogy or The Eterna Files trilogy.

Rating: 4 stars


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