Out There: Into the Queer New Yonder by Various Authors and Edited by Saundra Mitchell

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction Anthology

I am not a big anthology reader. They are hard to review, the stories are sometimes incomplete or like a book idea smashed into a short story. Writing a short story has an art to it and I wish I could say that every author in this anthology had that art but I can’t. This book was sent in my favorite book box Rainbow Crate as this year’s June book and am really happy they picked it as I would have never bought it on my own. Below is my opinion on each story and it’s rating.

Doublers by Alex London~ I love this story. It was so unique, the writing was amazing and I adored the mains. This was perfect. 5 stars

Aesthetically Hungry by Mato J. Steger ~ I loved the idea of this story but I found the characters forgettable. 3 stars

The Rift by Claire Kanin~ This was really unique and the main character was one of my all time favorites in the collection. It had great world building and I never felt lost even with the amount of information given. It was one of the best stories in the book in terms of writing, story, and characters. 5 stars

Renaissance by Emma K. Ohland ~ This was such a great story and has one of the best romances in the book. In terms of Science Fiction it wasn’t the most creative but it was written so well and I loved the characters so much it didn’t bother me in the least. I didn’t care for the ending as it felt rushed. 4 stars

Like Sunshine, Like Concrete by Z.R. Ellor~ This author is good. He could have made this story just another action packed superhero story. He didn’t. 4 stars

Translating the Machine by Nita Tyndall~ This was a really good story and love the idea behind it. 4 stars

Reshadow by Adam Sass~ This story surprised me. I didn’t see it coming. I don’t want to say any more about it because you need to go in blind. 5 stars

The Department of Homegoing Affairs by Kalyan Bayron ~ I really love this story and love how it handled grief and letting go but it felt more paranormal then science fiction. 4 stars

The Undeniable Price of Everything by Z Brewer~This was one of my least favorite and it failed as a short story. It didn’t make much sense and the author didn’t think it though. I hated that the main character’s best friend keep touching him when he told him not to or pulled away from his touch. If someone tells you not to touch them don’t touch them. It made me upset that the author included this in their story and then didn’t address it. 1 star

Present: Tense by Jim McCarthy~ This was another miss for me. Like huge miss. No one was acting like the situation required. It was a disaster only revealed by the stories before and after it. 1 star

Nick and Bodhi by Naomi Kanakia ~This is one of the worst short stories I have ever read in terms of writing, characters and plot. It was a complete story but it was so bad. I will never read it again or anything this author ever writes. 1 star

Crash Landing by Mason Deaver~ Thank God for Mason Deaver and their writing magic. Crash Landing was my second favorite story in the book. It was cute, fun, and the two mains are two of my favorites in this collection. 5 stars

Beauty Sleep by Alechia Dow~ I wish this had been a book or novella. It was such a great idea. I love fairy tale retellings. This Sleeping Beauty retelling was so unique but it was incomplete and rushed. 4 stars

H O M E by K. Ancrum ~ and welcome to the best most perfect story in this collection. It was amazing and I loved every minute of it and it gave me ALL THE FEELs. I connected so much with the mains and their love was so beautiful. 5 stars

Concerto by Adbi Nazemian ~ This story was so sad but so sweet. Definitely one of the best in the collection. 5 stars

Fractal Eyes by Ugochi M. Agoawike~ This story needed way more world building to work. It starts strong and then falls apart. I liked the idea but the execution was flawed. 3.5 stars.

Nobody Cares Who You Kiss at the End of the World by Leah Johnson~ the premise was similar to Present: Tense but unlike the author of that story Leah Johnson is a master at her craft and created what they couldn’t. A great short story with characters who feel deeply and react like logical people. 5 stars

Overall I am going to give this a 4 star overall rating. I felt the 5 and 4 star stories far outweighed the horrible three 1 star stories.


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