This Rebel Reviews: Wrath, Goddess, Sing by Maya Deane

Wrath, Goddess,Sing is a beautifully written retelling of Achilles but with a twist. Achilles is a transgender women and her mother goddess Athena gives her the women’s body she has always wanted to get her to agree to fight in the Trojan War.

Masterfully written and the story really flowed and the author had great world building.The writing is what really stands out for me in this book. I really enjoyed the story that was until the end which I disliked so much I took off a whole star in rating. It was really weird and felt the author feel into the trap many author’s fall into when writing a retelling giving an ending that doesn’t fit the story. I also felt the author didn’t need to list the god or goddesses every name from every nation whenever they came into the story.

Achilles wasn’t always the easiest character to like let alone love but her strength, courage, and love for her chosen family won me over to her side. She was flawed and I love that. I love a lot of the side characters especially her cousin Patroklos and his wife Meryapi and Achille’s two horses. I do recommend you look up trigger warnings before you read this book. If you love LGBTQIAP+ books and greek mythology this a must read even if I didn’t like the ending I am still happy I read this awesome book and recommend you do as well.

Rating 4 stars

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