Indie Blog Hop Tour: The Black Orchids by Ish Goel

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It is time for another blog tour sponsored by Indie Blog Hop run by Paige. Paige does free tours for Indie Authors. If you are an indie author I highly recommend you contact her for a tour. Paige is an amazing person who loves to read and promote authors.

Black Orchids

Black Orchids by Ish Goel


Feeling like Valentine’s day ended too quickly? Missing the thrill of romance? Join Elizabeth Perkins on her sensational adventure of desire and danger. This novel is bound to keep you on your toes.

Starting a new chapter in life is forever filled with surprises. However, not only is this tale wrought with the bubbling emotions of a new beginning but also the lingering fears of the past.

Joining a new boarding school, discovering new friends and finding new romance keeps her lost in the world of pleasure, far away from her worries. She has everything she could wish for. But a mysterious figure always lurks around the corner. Once the allure of the unknown captures her soul, shocking revelations pave her path – will she ever be the same again?

Suspense, Mystery, Fantasy, Romance – The Black Orchids is a stunning novel of an exquisite boarding school romance with an unexpected twist. A book that you just cannot keep down.

Author Bio

I am a young adult indie author and The Black Orchids is my debut novel. My love for reading and writing started at a young age as I studied English Literature. The classics and fiction novels stole my heart and I dreamed of a day I would write my own novel that readers would enjoy. I love traveling to new destinations, my present favorite would have to be Greece. Beside from daydreaming about mystical adventures and new thrilling romances, I am a university student and have a part-time job.

My inspiration came from the large collection of fantasy romance novels and movies I have discovered over the years. Some of the books I read inspired me, the depth of emotions and meaningful messages a novel can convey are extraordinary. Additionally, the ability to be able to transport your reader to another world engrossed by the characters in the books and their adventure is something I have always admired. I wanted to one day be able to do the same for the readers of my novel but I find having unexpected twisted more thrilling to read so have incorporated a sense of mystery and suspense into my novel as well.

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