100 Facts About Me

 **Let’s Get Started!**


001. Real name:


002. Nickname:
Nikki and Nicole stop being so dramatic(aka what my brother calls me)

003. Favorite color:


004. Male or Female:

005. Elementary school:

006. Middle school:

007. High school:
Yes– graduated in 2007.

008. College:
I want to go to college and have tried but my disability just doesn’t allow it.

009. Hair color:
Dark Brown almost Black

010. Tall or Short:
Tall. I’m 5’9.

011. Sweats or jeans:
Sweats no contest.

012. Phone or camera:
Camera. I like to take pictures a lot better then talking on the phone or texting.

013. Health freak:
Nope. I love sugar and chocolate too much.

014. Orange or apple:

015. Do you have a crush on someone:

016. Guy friends or girl friends:
Guy friends. Girl friends have WAY to much drama for me.

017. Piercings:
Nope. I have an allergy to metal and every piecing and trust me I have had my ears pieced 5 times swells up until I have to take it out. I also can’t wear most jewelry because it breaks me out.

018. Pepsi or coke:
Diet Pepsi.

019. Have you been in a airplane:
Once when I was to young to remember

020. Have you been in a relationship:

021. Have you been in a car accident:
A few. My family aren’t great drivers but none that were serious. Mostly fender benders.

022. Have you been in a fist fight:
Yes with my brother as kids.

023. First piercing:
My ears when I was 7 or 8.

024. Best friend:

025. First award:
I remember winning a elementary school drawing contest as a kid. Seeing as I am a horrible drawer it doesn’t say much for my classmates drawing abilities.

026. First crush:
A kid named Mike in my kindergarten class.

027. First word:
I think my mother told me my first word was bird.

028. Any talent:
I bake a mean chocolate chip cookie and also sugar cookie. Plus I love writing book reviews of course and I think I am kinda good at it.

029. Last person you talked to:
My mother. I asked her if my brother had gone to work yet.

030. Last person you texted:
My mother.

031. Last person(s) you watched a movie with:
Let’s be Cops with my mother and brother.

032. Last thing you ate:
Sunflower seeds. I love them.

033. Last movie/TV show you watched:
New Girl and the Good Guys on Netflix. I have a bit of an addiction to Netflix.

034. Last song you listened to:

You Should Be Here by Cole Swindell. Such a sad but beautiful song.

035. Last thing you bought:
A shelf for my closet and an ebook by Jo Raven

036. Last person you hugged:
My Grandma.



037. Food:
Any kind of dessert and I love Chinese food.

38. Drink:
Soda, Bubbly Water,and Sweet Tea(hot or cold)

039. Bottoms:
What kinda question is this?! I am wearing blue PJ bottoms with foxes on them. Or is this a question about if I have a tattoo on my bottom if so I do not.

040. Flower:

041. Animal:

042. Color:

043. Movie:
Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (the 1995 mini-series)

044. Subject:
English Literature.

**Have You Ever:
(Put An X In The Brackets If YES.)


045. [] Fallen in love with someone?
046. [X] Celebrated Halloween?
047. [X] Had your heart broken?
048. [] Went over the minutes/texts on your phone?
049. [] Had someone like you?
050. [X] Hated the way someone changed?
051. [] Broken a bone?
052. [X] Have/Had a phobia?
053. [X] Did something you regret?
054. [X] Broken a promise?
055. [X] Hide a secret?
056. [X] Pretend to be happy?
057. [X] Met someone who has changed your life?
058. [X]Pretended to be sick?
059. [] Left the country?
060. [X] Tried something you normally wouldn’t try and liked it?
061. [X] Cried over the silliest thing?
062. [] Ran a mile?

063. [X] Gone to the beach with your best friend?
064. [X] Gotten into an argument with your friends?
065. [X] Disliked someone?
066. [X] Stayed single for two years since the first time you had a bf/gf or been single forever?



067. Eating:

068. Drinking:
Strawberry Lemonade Flavored Water

069. Listening to:
An episode of New Girl

070. Sitting or laying:

071. Plans for today:
Write a review or two and read

072. Waiting for:
Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

and multiple other upcoming book releases

073. Want kids:
No way on God’s Green Earth will I have children.

074. Want to get married:
Nope. I will live with someone but never marry.

075. Want to travel:
Yes. To England,Scotland,Ireland,France,and Italy. Plus I want to go back to Surf City, North Carolina.



076. Lips or eyes:
Eyes. I believe they are the window to the soul.

077. Shorter or taller:

078. Younger or older:

Because like Aerykah(who’s blog I saw this post on and she invited everyone who read it to try it) I think of my younger brother and younger cousin. It would be so weird to date someone younger and kinda yucky.

079. Romantic or spontaneous:

I hate being spontaneous. I believe that you should think though your actions.

080. Trouble-maker or hesitant:
Both. I am very opinionated and not afraid to stand up for my beliefs but I have social anxiety and it makes me hard to talk to others that are not my family.

081. Hook-up or relationship:
Relationship only.  Hooking Up just isn’t my kinda thing.

082. Looks or personality:



083. Lost glasses:
Yes.  All the time.

084. Snuck out of the house:
Once. I ran away down the street to my grandparents.

085. Held a gun/knife in self defense:
No and I pray to God everyday I will never have too

086. Killed somebody:
Really What Kinda Question is This? Yes on a video game but no for real life.

087. Broke someone’s heart:

088. Been in love:

089. Cried when someone died:
Yes. My dad,my favorite aunt,my grandfather, and my 2 cats. My dad,grandfather,and 1 of my cats all died within a year of each other.



090. Yourself:
No my self esteem is rock bottom.

091. Miracles:
Yes!  I just wish there were more of them.

092. Love at first sight:

093. Heaven:

094. Santa Claus:
In the spirit of Santa Claus yes. In the real person no.

095. Aliens:

096. Ghosts/Angels:





097. The one person you really want to be with right now:

No one.

098. Do you know who your real friends are:

099. Do you believe in God:
Absolutely. No doubt about it. I also believe in Jesus.

100. Music or art:
Music no contest. Even if I think that music is also art. Musicians are called artists.

I would like to thank my fellow blogger Aerykah for kinda tagging me to do this post. I like her am not going to tag anyone but if you would like to do this post please leave a link to your post in the comments so I can comment and like.

Your’s in Rebellion,

The Reading Rebel


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