Review: Cannon by Sabrina Paige

cannonCannon by Sabrina Paige

A Step-Brother Romance

Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance

Summary from Goodreads:

Hendrix “Cannon” Cole is a major D*ck. That’s D*ck with a capital D.

He’s nicknamed “Cannon” because of the weapon between his legs.

He’s damaged, dirty, and demanding. A sexy-as-f*ck ex-Marine.

My stepbrother.

I used to hate him. Then I loved him. Then I hated him again.

Our history is complicated. But my family thinks he’s the perfect solution to my problem. A scandal has thrown me into the limelight, and I’ll be screwed if I don’t stay on the straight and narrow. Now, Hendrix’s new job is making sure I behave.

What I didn’t count on was being stuck spending every waking moment with him.

The heat between us is explosive. But if he fires that cannon, we’ll both get burned.

**This is a standalone novel with a HEA**

My Review

Addy is a country music singer who has had some bad press so to keep her record deal she must not do or hang out with anyone that is scandalous. To make sure she toes the line her mother/manager assigns her a bodyguard and she is shocked to learn that that bodyguard is none other than her stepbrother Hendrix who broke her heart when he left to join the Marines 5 years ago. Hendrix is back from the war but the memories haven’t left and he is still suffering from what happened over there. Now that he is back do Hendrix and Addy have a second chance or will they crash and burn?

Addy is a great heroine. She strong, caring, intelligent, loves her sister and nephew, and bleeds all her emotions into her songs. Hendrix is cocky, loyal, damaged bad boy who has just come back from the war and is still suffering from what happened to him over there. I love how each chapter of Cannon started with a flashback. These flashbacks start when they first meet and continue up until about a few months before Addy and Hendrix see each other again.  I love that both characters meet in their teens and their relationship started as a friendship and developed into a deep love and respect for the other over time. The flashbacks when they were apart and wanted to be together were heart wrecking and you feel so much for both Hendrix and Addy when reading them. Paige makes again the genius move of telling the story from both Hendrix and Addy PoV. I know I say this a lot but I am really calling all authors to do this.  You connect with the characters on a deeper level and it always seems like you are missing half the story with only the heroines or heroes PoV. Reading about Hendrix’s experiences in the war was sad and heart breaking. One of my favorite scenes was when Addy and Hendrix walked out into the rain after dinner. It was so sexy and emotional. These two had explosive chemistry and some of the hottest bedroom scenes I have read written by Paige. Hendrix was an amazing dirty talker. Maybe even better then Gaige from Tool. Another of my favorite scenes is when Addy comforts Hendrix after something happens to him. You can just feel the love that they have for each other in that scene. The last two chapters before the epilogue were really emotional so be prepared. The writing was just greatness and flowed so effortlessly. I couldn’t stop reading about these two and loved the ending. If you want a sexy fun but more emotional read then this is the book for you. I can’t wait for Paige’s next step-brother book.

Rating: 4.5 of 5

Content Rating: Mature 17+(Language and Graphic Sex)

Heat Rating: Red Hot

Your’s in Rebellion,

The Reading Rebel


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