Review: The Girl with the Windup Heart by Kady Cross

thegirlwithwindupheartThe Girl with the Windup Heart by Kady Cross

Book 4 in the Steampunk Chronicles

Genre: Young Adult Steampunk

Summary from Goodreads:

In 1897 London, a final showdown is about to begin.

London’s underworld is no place for a young woman, even one who is strong, smart and part-automaton like Mila. But when master criminal Jack Dandy inadvertently breaks her heart, she takes off, determined to find an independent life, one entirely her own. Her search takes her to the spangled shadows of the West End’s most dazzling circus.

Meanwhile, taken captive in the Aether, Griffin King is trapped in an inescapable prison, and at the mercy of his archenemy, The Machinist. If he breaks under the hellish torment, The Machinist will claim his powers and control of the Aether itself, and no one in either world will be safe-especially not Finley Jayne and her misfit band of friends.

Finley plunges headlong into the Aether the only way she knows how, by temporarily dying. But she cannot parry The Machinist’s maneuvers for long. To defeat him for good, Griffin will have to confront his greatest fear and finally come face-to-face with the destructive power he wields.

My Review

Garibladi is back and seems to be more powerful now he is dead. He has kidnapped Griffin into the Aether and Finley and his friends will do anything to get him back. Jack is teaching Mila about life and she has fallen in love with him. When she leaves to go out on her own will Jack finally see her as a woman and not a child.

There are two plot lines going on in this book. Jack and Mila’s and the Griffin/Garibaldi’s showdown. I am really happy to finally be able to talk about Mila. It was great that Mila is one of the central characters in this book as I loved her in the last one. I just knew she was going to be a love interest for Jack. Jack’s feelings for Mila started out as those of a protective friend but have morphed into romantic feelings. Mila loves Jack for who he is and he needs that. He has always thought himself unworthy of love and friendship. A lot of his issues stem from his SoB of a father who you meet in this book. Let’s just say it is not a pleasure. I love how sweet and native Mila is. I have always thought that your favorite book says I lot about you and love Mila pick is a great one. Seeing the world through Mila’s eyes is one of my favorite things about this book. Her childlike wonder was so much fun to read about.

Mila’s determination to go out and see the world and prove she can take care of herself is a feeling everyone has had at one time in their life. I very much understand why Jack took to crime. It was the only way that he could get his father to see him and get his revenge on him. Poor Jack is trying to do what he thinks is right for Mila but what he doesn’t understand is that right thing for Mila is him. Jack makes a lot of character growth in this book and I loved every minute in his head. Ever since meeting Jack in book 1 I have loved him. Jack and Mila’s moments together show just how wonderful a person Jack is under his persona. I loved all the scenes when Mila was new and Jack was teaching her to be human. It was so sweet and beautiful. It was heartbreaking hearing Jack talk about his mother. Jack’s father is a monster. His father reminded me of Lord Felix just grown up. He loves to make people feel pain. We also find out who really killed Lord Felix. Jack confronting his father was a long time coming and I loved the twist.

The Garibaldi/Griffin storyline plays out a little differently than I thought it would. I will not say any more about that as I don’t want to spoil anything Wildcat has now become a member of the team and liked seeing her again. Finley will do anything to save Griffin and I loved the moment when she finally realizes she is in love with him. I first loved Sam’s character in the last book and loved his character even more in this book. The library scene when he and Finley talk really shows how far both of them have come in trust and respect for each other. I smiled at Sam’s confession to reading Jane Austen for Emily. The only fault I can find with this book is I wish it was longer because I felt that both stories could have been their own books. There was so much going on and so many characters that I felt some of the characters were neglected and wish there was more about all of them. As always with any last book I was happy and sad to finish this series. I have always loved the fast paced of this series and the value it shows and places on love and friendship. This last book didn’t disappoint. What a great ending to an amazing series. I will miss this band of misfits and will be reading the author’s other work.

Rating:4 out of 5

Content Rating: PG-13

Your’s in Rebellion,

The Reading Rebel


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