Review: Seal’s Proposal by Elle James

sealsproposalSeal’s Proposal by Elle James

Book 5 in the Take No Prisoners Series

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Summary from Goodreads:

Remy LaDue, hot Navy SEAL with SEAL Team 10, is on a mission. He’s planned a special vacation to the Colorado Rockies with the express purpose of proposing to the woman he loves on Christmas morning. He knows it a long shot, with both their jobs keeping them away from each other for months out of the year, but he wants her as his forever lover and will risk everything to marry her.

Mitchell Sanders is as dedicated to her work as an NCIS agent as Remy is to his calling as a Navy SEAL. Independent, driven and passionate about justice and protecting innocents, she would no sooner give up her job as Remy.

When a criminal she helped to capture and convict escapes on the eve of their departure, Mitchell is torn between sticking around to recapture him and going with Remy, opting to follow her desire this once. Plans change as the mountains become a nightmare and they struggle to put an end to the threats that plague their idyllic vacation and Remy’s plans for his Christmas surprise.

My Review

This is the sequel to book 2 in the series Take No Prisoners. It has the same couple Remy and Mitchell and now Remy wants to propose to Mitchell. But there is a little problem the criminal who Mitchell caught in book 2 has escaped and wants revenge. Remy’s romantic vacation which he planned to propose on doesn’t go as planned.

I was so excited to revisit the Remy and Mitchell who I loved in Seal’s Desire.Mitchell is a great heroine. She is one of the most independent strong heroines I have ever read. Remy is just so sweet and sexy and romantic. I love how Remy is trying so hard to make his proposal perfect and how much he loves and respects Mitchell. Mitchell doesn’t have a clue that Remy wants to propose, but she is also thinking about their relationship moving to the next level. Mitchell is very scared of being left which makes sense after you hear her family background. I loved how in this book the hero was more romantic then the heroine. I wish author’s wrote that more. Both characters are very dedicated to their jobs which are both high pressure and not 9 to 5. These two characters have to work even harder on their relationship because of their jobs and the author tells it straight up and doesn’t try to sugarcoat that their relationship will not be easy. The Underwater Kiss Scene=Perfect. If you love action, suspense, and romance this is the book for you and it’s great to while away an afternoon.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Content Rating: Mature 17+

Heat Rating: Hot

Happy Reading,

The Reading Rebel


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