To Professor, With Love by Linda Kage Review

22018997To Professor, With Love by Linda Kage

Book 2 in the Forbidden Men series

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Summery from Goodreads:

Junior in college. Star athlete. Constant attention from the opposite sex.

On this campus, I’m worshiped. While seven hundred miles away, back in my hometown, I’m still trailer park trash, child of the town tramp, and older sibling to three kids who are counting on me to keep my shit together so I can take them away from the same crappy life I grew up in.

These two opposing sides of myself never mix until one person gets a glimpse of the true me. I never expected to connect with anyone like this or want more beyond one night. This may be the real deal.

Problem is, Dr. Kavanagh’s my literature professor.

If I start anything with a teacher and we’re caught together, I might as well kiss my entire future goodbye, as well as my family’s, and especially Dr. Kavanagh’s. Except sometimes love is worth risking everything. Or at least, it damn well better be because I can only resist so much.

My Review

Noel carries a lot of responsibility as one of his reasons for going to college and playing football is to get his brothers and sister out of the hole they grew up in and where they are still. He works as well as playing football and going to school. He sends whatever money he can home. I loved his character. How he loves his family so much and will do anything for them. How he is a really good,nice,and caring person under all his show of being a big man on campus,how he is a survivor after his horrible childhood and is working to improve his life and the lives of his siblings. I loved how much he loved Aspen and showed her how much he loved her and not just said it.

Aspen has had the best education but has always been empty when it comes to love and affection. Her parents never having given her any love or affection. They are cold-hearted SoBs. Plus her secret past tragedy gets in the way of relationships. She loves being a teacher and is good at it. I loved Aspen because of her humor,how she was a very wonderful person under all her coldness, how she is a survivor, how she didn’t let her childhood take away her ability to love and care about others,how she is a hopeless romantic,and avid reader. Aspen never knew love until Noel.

The problem with Noel and Aspen being together is because Aspen(who is only 23,two years older then Noel)is his college professor and they can’t date because the school rules forbid it. I love forbidden romance. Always have. Maybe it’s because I am born rebel and love it when people say screw it and be with whoever they want even if it defies social norms.

The characters in this book are all so raw and real. My love of this book knows no bounds. The love and heartbreak and emotions you feel for Noel and Aspen and even the secondary characters was just so raw. You wouldn’t think it but Noel and Aspen are perfect for each other. They see the others pain in each other. They have such a strong connection,sympathy,and understanding of each other. They find love and purpose in each other and it is beautiful. The sex between these two is both passionate and sweet.

This book had a ton of stuff going on. Not just Aspen and Noels problems but their friends and co-workers problems as well. This author packed a lot of story into this book. I was in love with all the characters. I loved all the quotes before the chapters. It was amazing to have both characters PoV. It wouldn’t have been the same book if the author hadn’t told it like she did. The Epilogue is so perfect and amazing and wonderful and the book couldn’t have ended any better.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Content Rating: Mature 17+

Heat Rating: Hot

Your’s in Rebellion,

The Reading Rebel


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