Quotes From One of My Favorite Movies

Today I am going to share a few quotes from one of my favorite movies. I am not a huge lover of movies. Most of my favorites are usually after a book(but are never better then then the book). My favorite movie is Gone with the Wind. I was going to say Pride and Prejudice 1995 but that is more of a mini-series then a movie. I have loved Gone with the Wind sense the first time I watched it with my grandparents. I saw the movie before I read the book. The book is one of my favorites and at some point I need to do a reread.

Here is a few of my favorite quotes

“Most of the miseries of the world were caused by wars. And when the wars were over no one ever knew what they were about.” Ashley Wilkes

“No, I don’t think I will kiss you. Although you need kissing badly. That’s what wrong with you. You should be kissed, and often, by someone who knows how.” Rhett Butler to Scarlett O’Hara

“Heaven help the man who really loves you.” Rhett Butler to Scarlett O’Hara

“I love you. Because we’re alike. Bad lots both of us. Selfish and shrewd but able to look things in the eye and call them by their right name.”  Rhett Butler to Scarlett O’Hara

Scarlett O’Hara: 
“Sir, you are no gentleman.”
Rhett Butler :
“And you Miss are no lady.”

“You’re afraid of what will happen if the war comes. But we don’t have to be afraid for us. No war can come to our world, Ashley. No matter what comes I will love you until the day I die.” Melanie Wilkes to Ashley Wilkes

I know this is very different from my usually posts but I thought this would be a fun change. Promise more bookish stuff to come.

Happy Reading Y’All

The Reading Rebel

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