Envious Casca by Georgette Heyer Review

7332832Envious Casca by Georgette Heyer

Second book in the Inspector Hemingway series

Genre: Country House Mystery

Summery from Goodreads

A holiday party takes on a sinister aspect when the colorful assortment of guests discovers there is a killer in their midst. The owner of the substantial estate, that old Scrooge Nathaniel Herriard, is found stabbed in the back. While the delicate matter of inheritance could be the key to this crime, the real conundrum is how any of the suspects could have entered a locked room to commit the foul deed.

For Inspector Hemingway of Scotland Yard, the investigation is complicated by the fact that every guest is hiding something-throwing all of their testimony into question and casting suspicion far and wide. The clever and daring crime will mystify readers, yet the answer is in plain sight all along…

My Review

At the Christmas house party in his house(one he didn’t want but his brother made him have)Nathaniel Herriard is found murdered stabbed in a locked room. Who could have done it? His business partner Mottisfont who he didn’t see eye to eye with or maybe it was his ill-tempered nephew Stephen or could it be his niece the actress who wanted her uncle to give her money for a play or the playwright Roydon or the pretty little idiot engaged to Stephen. There is no shortage of people who could have murdered Nathaniel.

I always love Heyer’s characters. She makes them all come to life even the housemaids that you don’t even know the names of. With a paragraph Heyer can tell you more about a character then some authors can do in 2 or 3 books. My favorite scene was the reading of the play Wormwood. It was pure genius. Maud,Nathaniel’s sister-in-law and her book the Empress Elizabeth kept me laughing. Mathilda was my favorite character. She has a sharp tongue but is also kind. I did like Stephen against my better judgement. He really is a jerk but his wit was always great. I do wish Heyer had kept Hemingway the detective with his other partner. I don’t like his new partner and they don’t have as great a chemistry together as him and his other partner. Overall a nice fun Christmas mystery.

Rating: 4 out 5

Content Rating: PG

Keeper: Yes

Happy Reading,

The Reading Rebel


2 thoughts on “Envious Casca by Georgette Heyer Review

  1. This is a nice review! I’ve been looking for more mystery novels to read and this sounds really good.

    My Nook, Books & More

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