Only Mr Darcy Will Do Review

onlymrdarcywiildocoverOnly Mr.Darcy Will Do by Kara Louise

Genre: Pride and Prejudice Retelling

Summery from Goodreads:

Her worst fears come true…
After her father’s death, Elizabeth Bennet goes to work as a governess. Little does she know the Willstones are social acquaintances of the Bingleys and the Darcys, and Elizabeth finds herself once again drawn into Mr. Darcy’s orbit. To make matters worse, Mrs. Willstone’s sister sets her sights on Mr. Darcy. With Elizabeth’s social status even lower than it was before, she knows she must abandon all hope of Darcy renewing his proposals, even as she begins to see him in a completely different light…

My Review:

Mr.Bennet has died and it has forced Jane and Elizabeth to take positions as governesses. But Elizabeth has taken the harder course while Jane is employed by the Gardiners their kind Uncle and Aunt. Elizabeth is working for strangers. I am not surprised that Lizzy took the harder job and let Jane have the easier one. This book has a much more sober air about it then Darcy’s Voyage because of Mr.Bennet’s death.

This is my second book of Kara Louise’s and I wasn’t disappointed.Kara Louise has a real talent with Jane Austen Fan Fiction. She keeps the characters true and comes up with great what if variations. Be it this isn’t as unique an idea as Darcy’s Voyage.

I really enjoyed the addition of Mr.Hamilton, Mr.Darcy’s other cousin. He was such a fun character and kinda wish he would get his own book. Rosalyn as a character is an idiot and I find her very annoying. I liked her until she started making a fool of herself in front of Mr.Darcy.  My opinions of the Willstones and Rosalyn changed a lot as I got to know them. I thought they weren’t a bad sort. But their true colors started to show. They were the only ones being so unkind to the poor people who had to take refuge  at Pemberley because of the flooding. I know they were of a lower class but everyone else was kind and didn’t act like they were diseased only the Willstones and Rosalyn. Particularly as Rosalyn said her father married beneath him. You would think they would be more compassionate but I guess everyone shows their true colors eventually. Surprisingly I enjoyed the character of Emily(I’m not much of kid person). I found her intelligent and adorable.

This book was so sweet and romantic.This book is a clean romance but the spark between Elizabeth and Darcy is very hot. I love their chemistry with each other. There is no doubt that they are in love with each other. It was such a beautiful retelling and kept me captivated. The ending was Perfection and I highly recommend this to all P&P fans.

Rating:5 out of 5

Content Rating:PG(sensual embraces and kissing)


Happy Reading,

Nicole the Reading Rebel

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