T.V. Detectives

I love watching crime dramas on TV and thought I would share my 5 favorite detectives:

#1 NCIS Team

NCISI love this show and it’s characters.How they all work together so well and their witty banter and their love for each other is a joy to watch.

#2 SherlocksherlockI love Sherlock. Sherlock is literature’s first great detective and I love his quirky personality. Plus how he is so loyal and really loves Watson even if he doesn’t like to show it.

#3 Hercule Poirot

Hercule-Poirot-poirot-23639434-700-1080Hercule Poirot literature’s second greatest detective. He’s smart,a gentleman,and very unique. I love the TV series and have read one of the books he is in and can’t wait to read more.

#4 Endeavor Morse

ed4a651d165ff741efd5e568d954667bHe loves opera and crosswords. Like all great detectives he sees things differently and isn’t easy to get along with but I have such a great respect for him. He is a very tragic character.

#5 Adrian Monk

monk-wallpaper-monk-8607441-1280-1024Everyone’s favorite OCD Detective. I love how he has OCD but works at overcoming it with sometimes very comic results. He always steps up for the people he cares about even if he is a bit selfish.

Who are your favorite detectives?

Nicole The Reading Rebel


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