Top Ten Tuesday #2

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I have been doing a ton of rereading this year so I haven’t read many new books.But of the new books I have read here are my favorites:

1)Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi~This was an amazing series.Full of romance,action,great villains,and I loved the ending(perfect).This is one of my favorite  dystopian series and can’t wait to see what this author does next.

2)Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor~Beautiful Ending to a beautiful and very unique series.Karou and Akiva relationship is one of my favorite things about the series.

3)Cress by Marissa Meyer~After reading Cinder and Scarlet I couldn’t wait to get Cress.How Marissa weaves all her character’s stories together is genius and I love how you see all the characters stories come together.

4)Snakeroot by Andrea Cremer~I have read all her books at the beginning of last year most of them in 2 days.Her writing just flows and you can’t read to fast.I know I lot of people didn’t like Bloodrose but don’t let that stop you for reading this.

5)Lips Touch:Three Times~I am not big on short stories that don’t have anything to do with a series I am reading.I love extra scenes and things told from different characters PoVs and this wasn’t one of those books but I loved it.All three stories were so different and unique and dark.I loved it plus the art is just amazingly beautiful and shouldn’t be missed.

6)Dear Mr.Darcy by Amanda Grange~I love Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book of hers.So reading a retelling in letters was so fun and wonderful.I have read Amanda Grange’s hero dairies and loved them so I was looking forward to this book and wasn’t disappointed.If you are a lover of Jane Austen fan fiction I totally recommend this book.

7)Detection Unlimited by Georgette Heyer~I loved Georgette Heyer’s writing and can never get to much Heyer.I love her romances better but there is nothing wrong with her mysteries and laugh just as hard at many of them.

I know that is not ten but that’s all I have read that fits on this list.I hope you enjoyed reading my picks and feel free to post your picks in the comment section.

Nicole D. The Reading Rebel


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