Top Ten Tuesday #1

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Top Ten Tuesday a weekly post hosted by Broke and Bookish were you list ten bookish things each Tuesday.This week’s topic is……

Top Ten Books That Should Be In Your Beach Bag or Ten Books That Will Be In My Beach Bag This Summer



1.PicMonkey-CollageThe Gamble Brothers series by J.Lynn

These look like the perfect sexy beach reads.I have Tempting the Bodyguard and can’t wait to read it and I am not a fan of contemporary romance or spicy romance.

tigers-curse_a_p2.Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck

I have heard this compared to being a blend of Twilight and the Rick Riodan’s Percy Jackson books.I LOVED Twilight and liked Percy Jackson.You also don’t get many Young Adult books set in India.I have always been a huge fan of people who can turn themselves into animals and tigers are one of my favorite wild animals.Plus learning something about Indian myths will be fun.




71e4b607256fddb37fa42a4bbb18e1163.Short Straw Bride by Karen Witemeyer

From what I hear a humorous heartwarming christian western.







The-Girl-in-the-Gatehouse14.The Girl in the Gatehouse by Julie Klassen

I can’t wait to read this.What if Maria Bertrum in Mansfield Park was a good kind person who had made a mistake?Plus the hero was inspired by Captain Wentworth.






96481895.Sylvester by Georgette Heyer or any of her books

To me any summer without a Heyer is unthinkable.the Queen of Regency Romance and one of the Queens of Comedy.Every time I read one of her books I am crying from laughing so hard.Her characters are always a delight and she is completely clean.




179367956.The Etiquette of Wolves by Melissa Stacy

From what reviews I have read an unique new adult mystery.I wanted to add a mystery to my list because it has been a while sense I read one and this one looks great.






114575257.Switched by Amanda Hocking

I hear this is a book about a fantasy creature not talked about or used much.No Angels,Vamps,Faeries,Werewolves, this.Not that I don’t love them but it will be a nice change.





130050498.The Secret Keeper by Sandra Byrd

This is second is Sandra Byrd’s ladies in waiting series about ladies in waiting to historical figures this time t0 Kateryn, or Katherine Parr.I have always wanted to read a novel that takes place in the Tutor court and what better time then summer.




180582119.The Inventor’s Secret by Andrea Cremer

This is set a alternate 19th century America were the revolutionary war never took place and the British have taken over the world.This is by the same author who bought us the Nightshade series which I read at top speed.





darcys voyage10.Darcy’s Voyage by Kara Louise

This seems the perfect time to read this book.Elizabeth and Darcy on the high seas.I retelling of Pride and Prejudice on a ship.How unique and neat does that sound.





Here are my top ten picks for what is going to be in my beach bag and what should be in yours.I hope you enjoyed my picks.Please comment and tell me your picks.

Nicole D. The Reading Rebel


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #1

  1. What a wide range of books! I’ve read Short-Straw Bride, The Girl in the Gatehouse, and Sylvester and enjoyed them all. I hope you enjoy your summer reads!

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