Random Friday

My first Random Friday is going to be on…..drum roll please…….


IMG_1540This is my cat Zippy she will be 15 this October.I named her after a black and white beanie baby cat with green eyes called Zip.I was only 11 when I named her and at that time had a beanie baby obsession.She has been my baby and little princess ever sense.She loves to get her wet food aka kiki food and treats aka kiki treats.She is very loving but independent.She thinks that she is the Princess of the house and rules over all.

IMG_1591Here is another picture of Zippy with my late hamster Zoey.

Next is my sweet little baby crazy cat Pumpkin.Sadly Pumpkin is no longer with me.She got her name because of her orange color.She had to be put to sleep last August the 3rd and I miss her very much.She was my shadow.She hated being away form me even while I showered.She would meow at the bathroom door.She also liked to sit on my shoulder like a bird would.She was very protective of me and was truly my cat.She really didn’t like anyone else.I will NEVER have another cat who loved me like Pumpkin and she will be forever in my heart.

Here are two pictures of my Pumpkin

IMG_1470IMG_1880Rest in Peace my Sweet Baby Pumpkin

Forever in my Heart

Forever My Super Kitty








Do my readers have any pets?Please tell me there names and why they are so special in the comment section.I am a huge animal lover from dogs to cats to fish to parrots to snakes to turtles to hamsters.

Nicole D. The Reading Rebel


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