Dreams of Gods and Monsters Review

There will be spoilers form books 1 and 2 in this review so if you haven’t read those books don’t read this review.

dreamsofgodsandmonsterscover4blgDreams of Gods and Monsters picks up with a new character a human named Eliza who gives us a human point of view of Jael’s coming to earth.Then you switch right back to where book 2 left off and it tells you how the armies made an alliance and set up camp in the kirin caves.What follows is a multiple world wind adventure quest to save both Earth and Eretz for Jael and his army.

Karou is my favorite kind of heroine strong,smart,unique,devoted and willing to anything for the people she loves but vulnerable at time.Karou’s struggle to help  her people but still being in love with Akiva the man who destroyed most of her people and killed her adopted father Brimstone is heartbreaking.I love how Laini was able to merge the characters of Karou and Madrigal together yet without losing on character to the other.

I love Akiva.*swoon*How he is willing to do anything for the girl he loves.I love how the author didn’t make Akiva a “bad boy”and more a wounded tortured hero.I have a great respect for Akiva as he is willing to take responsibility for his mistakes and wants to atone  for them.

No Love Triangle here and I am happy for it.I love a good love triangle but not in every book I read.It seems like to many authors just use them because they are the in thing sense Twilight.Every time Karou and Akiva are in the same scene it sizzles with passion and longing.I love them as a couple.

Liraz’s character makes the most growth in this book and watching her grow is one of my favorite parts of the book.I connected with her character in a way I never thought I would.With Hazael gone Liraz doesn’t have him to hide behind and that is a good thing.Eliza the human scientist with a mysterious past is just a very sympathetic character plus she becomes someone so important to the story and I was surprised how much of the story was told form her Point of View.

I grew to love Ziri more then ever with his choice to pretend to be the White Wolf to save his people.Noble sweet kind Ziri pretending to be the cold cruel wolf.What a horrible thing for a good soul to have to act like a evil one.Mik and Zuzana are back and as adorable and loveable as ever.I love learning more about the Stelians and how important they are.I have been chomping at the bit to meet the people who sent someone a fruit basket telling them they don’t have time for war maybe later.I love the ending and felt it was perfect for the series.Like all last books in series to me the ending is bittersweet.I will miss Karou,Akiva,and all the other characters but Laini gave the characters the ending they needed.Reading Laini’s writing is like reading beautiful poetry and I can’t wait to see what she writes next.

star rating:*****

Genre:Young Adult Fantasy

Will I reread:YES.

Nicole The Reading Rebel


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