Meeting Laini Taylor

I had found Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone series last year and after loving books one and two I pre-ordered Dreams of Gods and Monsters the third and last book in the trilogy as soon as I could.I circled April 8 the release day and sat down to do some more reading with glares at the calendar which got even more glarey when the days went by so slowly.I was checking Laini Taylor blog for any teasers when I saw the list of places she was going on the Dreams of Gods and Monsters book tour and the first stop was my town and a bookstore called Bookworks which I had heard great things about.That is when I started screaming and jumping up and down like a crazy person.My family being used to this behavior from me did ask what I was screaming about but I really were not very concerned that I was having a mental breakdown.I was going to meet one of my favorite authors and go to my first book signing.

I reread the series to get ready for the signing and the next book.Plus I read her short story collection Lips Touch 3 Times for the first time and loved it and took that book to get signed also.I was so nervous this being my first signing and I didn’t want to look like a complete idiot.I also have an anxiety disorder and don’t do well around a lot of people so I was even more nervous.I got there a hour early and meet another fan named Melissa who showed me a smashbook to sign for Laini which I happily did but I was so nervous I only wrote about 2 sentences.While Melissa and I were waiting we talked book.Which authors we liked,which we didn’t,that she was an author and had written 2 books and was working on her third a Sci-fi.I will have her full name and the name of her 2 published novels at the end of this post.I got a front row seat and was so happy I got there early because the seats filled up fast and some people had to stand.After the people who had set up the event talked and one of them quizzed us in Daughter of Smoke and Bone trivia.I got 3 or 4 questions right.Then Laini arrived.

She arrived to much applause.She did a reading of chapter one of Dreams of Gods and Monsters.Just imagine a group of 50 or more people some of them local authors listening with undivided attention as Laini read chapter 1 Nightmare Ice Cream told form a whole new character’s Point of View.Laini explained she wanted everyone to get a human’s point of view when the big event happened(I am trying not get give anything away if you haven’t read the books).She talked about her next projects or more like gave hints,answered questions,gave movie news,talked about her writing process,how she liked to travel,and many other things.Then came the time to get are books signed.I was in about 15th place.I finally got to talk to Laini personally and get my books signed.I don’t remember what I said and wish I had memorized something and looked less like an idiot.I took a picture with Laini after she signed my books(Thanks Melissa for taking the picture).

Laini Taylor

I had so much fun and wish I could have stayed longer but I had to pick my brother up from school.Here is a picture of my signed books(all but Lips Touch 3 Times):


Have any of my readers meet your favorite authors and had books signed?

Here are Melissa Stacy novels:

The Etiquette of Wolves(New Adult)

Love and Student Loans and Other Big Problems(New Adult)

~Nicole the Reading Rebel





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